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Hellfires of Grief: Love Poems


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Hellfires of Grief: Love Poems is a collection of 222 poems written after the disembodiment of my beloved. I use the word disembodiment rather than death or death to the body since my beloved’s beautiful radiant spirit left her physical body to return to the spirit realm. The words in my journals were inadequate to express my experiences of loss, grief, and despair. I converted the raw words of grief in my journals into poems to express in words the language of my tears, broken heart, and the hellfires of grief. Tear’s Words poems my grief concentrated what my tears say when I listen my tears insisted I translate them into words inspiration from my soul soul’s blood been said tears are healing if tears are healing perhaps tear’s words may be healing too It is my hope, wish, and intent sharing the tears of grief translated into words brings others a measure of comfort and healing energy to all who read them. Hellfires of Grief hellfires of grief invisible to the naked eye black fire created by loss not like ordinary fire greater the loss hotter the fire longer the burning disembodiment of my soulmate creates hottest fire of all burning on and on burning away impurities regrets remorse longing fears until all that remains is love hellfires of grief continue to burn and burn now and then I see a touch of gold with silver around the edges mostly it is black invisible to the naked eye with more impurities as the fuel hellfires of grief burn on and on till all that remains is love I wonder what that will look like The 222 poems describe the raw landscape of grief experienced during the first eighteen months after the disembodiment of my beloved and the beginning of healing. Poems include images of alchemy, subtle energy, Taoism, I Ching, golden dreams, love beyond, soul, and subtle spirit realm. Written as part of the struggle towards healing and published to share healing energy with others experiencing their own versions of the hellfires of grief.

Author: Taylor, C Eldon

Media: Book
ISBN: 615814662
Language: English
Pages: 364

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