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Introduction to the Psychology of Dreaming (Revised)



Why do people dream, and what do dreams mean? What do the most recent neuroscientific research and studies of patterns in dream content reveal about the functionality of dreams? How do the ideas of earlier generations of dream psychologists continue to influence the research of psychologists today? An Introduction to the Psychology of Dreaming covers all major theories in dream psychology from 1900 to the present day. It provides readers with a unique resource that focuses specifically on this lineage of research in dream psychology and is concise and accessibly written.

Each chapter of the book analyzes a particular theory of dream psychology in terms of three basic questions: How are dreams formed? What functions do dreams serve? How can dreams be interpreted? By examining each theorist’s answers to these questions, readers can clearly see how dream psychology theorists have both incorporated concepts from previous researchers and developed new ideas of their own. A breadth of psychological approaches is considered, from Freud and Jung to contemporary brain studies, giving readers an appreciation of the wide range of theories regarding this fascinating area of study.

Author: Bulkeley, Kelly

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1440857067
Language: English
Pages: 160

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