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Just My Type: Understanding Personality Profiles



For thousands of years, philosophers and scientists have searched for the keys to human personality. Today, personality testing is a multibillion-dollar business. Many people take personality tests online just for fun. Whether silly or serious, personality testing can be an eye-opening way to better understand yourself, your family, and your friends. Just My Type introduces readers to the history of personality profiling, ranging from ancient Chinese astrology, to Freud and Jung, to the modern-day Myers-Briggs and the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) assessments. Examine the world of online personality assessments through mini self-administered quizzes. Learn how to distinguish useful applications from biased typecasting.

Author: Rosen, Michael J, Author: Carlson, Daniel

Topic: Young Adult Misc. Nonfiction
Media: Book
ISBN: 1467780103
Language: English
Pages: 80

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