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Lilienfeld: GRE Read in Clin Sci _p1



An accessible guide to clinical practice

Great Readings in Clinical Science: Essential Selections for Mental Health Professions is the first book to focus exclusively on teaching students how to think scientifically about clinical practice.

These user-friendly and accessible readings provide students with basic critical thinking skills needed to evaluate evidence concerning the assessment, causes, and treatment of mental disorders, and will allow students to become better informed consumers of the literature in clinical psychology, counseling psychology, social work, psychiatry, and other allied disciplines. It will also be an indispensable guide to graduate students in training, as it will help show them how to think critically about psychotherapy and other domains of clinical practice. The book consists of classic selections about both science in general and clinical science in particular, and should be required reading for all students who aspire to become mental health professionals. Great Readings in Clinical Science is intended for undergraduates and graduate students, as well as teachers, researchers, and practicing clinicians.

Teaching & Learning Experience

  • Improve Critical Thinking – Classic readings focus on scientific thinking as applied to clinical research and practice.
  • Engage Students – Formal academic readings are combined with light/humorous sections to create a user-friendly guide.
  • Explore Research – A diverse selection of readings allows students to examine the science behind clinical practice.

Author: Lilienfeld, Scott O, Author: O’Donohue, William T

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 205698034
Language: English
Pages: 202

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