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Son Risings: Discovering and Caring for the Real You



How does one truly find health? Ever thought much about your soul? Your soul is the real you.Raised a Catholic in Minnesota, and served as a Baptist Missionary in South Africa for over twenty-years, Don conversed with Hindus, Muslims, and Africans about the soul. The author shares many personal experiences from Africa, particularly among the Zulu people, and the many cultures in Southern Africa. When it comes to one’s “soul” all cultures share valuable aspects. Presented in these pages, is an attempt to look at the most important part of a person; your soul. The author shares from conversations and experiences within a dozen cultures from the shadows of his own struggles and treatment of PTSD. He explores unique aspects of the soul from a personal worldview. Son Risings explores soul-care in the shadows of the Bible and other holy writings. It there anything more important than your soul?.

Author: Mingo, Don

Topic: Self-Help
Media: Book
ISBN: 692926046
Language: English
Pages: 184

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