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Syndicate of Water & Light: A Divine Comedy



In subtitling this book “A Divine Comedy,” the poet Marc Vincenz brushes up against Dante, and yet he does so “in the pulse of a breath, /waiting for the rain / to wash away the dream.” There is light here–not perhaps the roseate of the Florentine retinue–but one we can use right now: “All visions / gone, but this, a world, / a world / dancing ahead.” Vincenz questions notions of humanity, the potency and power of language over time, implying perhaps that codes have driven us throughout history and that the emergence of the AI will yield the next stage in its evolution. After a long night of the soul, where formal religion yields to love and imagination, we emerge to a healing space that is both inner and outer, physical and spiritual. The Syndicate of Water & Light gives us a sense that we can grow in knowledge and that we can change–if not, perhaps, the world, then at least within ourselves.

Author: Vincenz, Marc

Topic: Poetry
Media: Book
ISBN: 1581771681
Language: English
Pages: 154

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