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Teaching Controversial Issues: The Case for Critical Thinking and Moral Commitment in the Classroom



2018 Delta Kappa Gamma Educators Book Award

In this book, eminent educational philosopher Nel Noddings and daughter Laurie Brooks explain how teachers can foster critical thinking through the exploration of controversial issues. The emphasis is on the use of critical thinking to understand and collaborate, not simply to win arguments. The authors describe how critical thinking that encourages dialogue across the school disciplines and across social/economic classes prepares students for participation in democracy. They offer specific, concrete strategies for addressing a variety of issues related to authority, religion, gender, race, media, sports, entertainment, class and poverty, capitalism and socialism, and equality and justice. The goal is to develop individuals who can examine their own beliefs, those of their own and other groups, and those of their nation, and can do so with respect and understanding for others’ values.

Book Features:

  • Underscores the necessity of moral commitment in the use of critical thinking.
  • Offers assistance for handling controversial issues that many teachers find unsettling.
  • Proposes a way for students and teachers to work together across the disciplines.
  • Author: Noddings, Nel, Author: Brooks, Laurie

    Topic: Education / Teaching
    Media: Book
    ISBN: 807757802
    Language: English
    Pages: 192

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